This output is a manual for preparing senior people to interact in an educational context. As seniors hardly have any teaching experience, it was necessary to provide them with adequate preparation in view of educational activities with the fables of rights in a suitcase. The partners collected material which could give participants an idea of the main strategies to be applied in non-formal educational activities.
The document starts with the children’s needs, the communication tools, the language to be used, the content to be mediated and above all how to stimulate a discussion on the fairy tales and the rights they contain. In the second part, some of the activities implemented by the partners during the project are described so that they can be used as examples of how the fairy tales of rights in a suitcase can be used in various contexts.

Here you can download the document in English and in all the partners’ languages

English Version

Italian Version

Romanian Version

Portuguese Version

Lithuanian Version

Spanish Version

Polish Version

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