Panevezys region Municipality public library is a partner of the project Erasmus + „ Rights. Active Citizenship and the Role of Seniors in a Society“, which is being implemented by the region‘s Education Center.

The project goal is to build a bridge between generations on the topic of universal rights. Seniors together with culture workers and school students began to develop suitcases of fairy tales, which on the basis of Children‘s rights convention (e.g. right to life, house, education,etc) will in a metaphorical way  pass the contents of some internationally known episodes from fairy tales. The project partners are from 6 countries (Lithuania among them) and they are creating and developing scenarios for the most interesting episodes. After they are acted out, even fragmentally, the children and the viewers will be able to understand their rights much better.  

Our team has chosen the Lithuanian fairy tale „Kursiukas“. It touches upon such issues as personal inviolability and the right to education, which are included into the Convention and also how it came to our country. Besides this story we are going to prepare and act some episodes from Pinocchio and Don Quixote. 

Working on the project we visited Ukmerge‘s Culture center and its Puppet Theatre „Katinas Murklys“ puppets making shop. We also had a marvelous meeting with puppet creators and producers Natalija and Silvija. Being true professionals in this field they gave us a lot of valuable information on acting, producing and puppet making. The aim of the visit was to get to know more details about to produce puppet performances, how to reveal and pass the main ideas in the best possible ways. The creators willingly shared methodology issues, practically demonstrated how different puppets can move and advised us on selecting excerpts and writing scenarios for them. Before the outing we could not wait to see the wings of puppet performances and the birth of different characters. So, in Ukmerge we were able to touch and feel the texture of their puppets, to realize the complexity of their making and also the magic. „Katino Murklio“ puppet theatre participates in international festivals and contests, so their experience was really very interesting and useful for all of us.

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