While continuing to work with Erasmus +KA2 project „Rights. Active citizenship and the role of seniors in a society“the seniors in Raguva are making a suitcase of fairy tales. In it the main characters of the fairy tale Kursiukas are going to settle down. The characters or puppets were made using a technique, called wool felting.This trade has got very old traditions in Lithuania and is considered to be really unique.  This is unwoven kind of fabric, which does not require any special binders, only mechanical work, heat and water. The result is always perfect, i.e. strong wool fiber. The old trade, like wool felting used to be applied widely, however, nowadays it is an interesting and meaningful way to spend leisure time. We are sure that felted and warm not only in terms of temperature characters will help to create warm and „wooly“ performance. Also, through these characters we were able to cherish national heritage traditions and also the right to practice our own culture as well as the language.

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