Have you seen tales from a suitcase? When a simple wooden box turns into the first nag in the world, a rusty old grater – shining knight’s armor, and a pig farmer – the lady of the heart Dulcinea?

Such an unusual story on April 12th. our guests told us in Naujamiestis gymnasium library: Panevezys district: public library librarian Lida Žukauskaitė, seniors Liucija Šiaučiūniene and  Audrius Daukša. The story of Don Quixote, the tireless dreamer, his faithful gunman Sancho Panca, and the lady of the heart, Dulcinea,  has sparked a debate on human rights – what we have seen in history, why we must respect every human right and whether we can talk about rights ignoring our responsibilities. The  unexpected insights, observations and curiosity of the children encouraged the community of different generations.

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