Human rights are the norms of behavior, morals and social values that have developed in the history of the development of society and are aimed at protecting human dignity. The rights of the child are an integral part of human rights.
TAU(third age university) Raguva Faculty listeners came together to the meeting, called RIGHTS. Active citizenship and the role of seniors in the society’. It introduced Erasmus+ KA2project activities. The coordinator of the project is the Panevezys Region Education center. Both Raguva Culture center and Raguva gymnasium are implementing part of the Raguva faculty activities. As a child is educated not only at school, his or her attitudes, habits and understanding are greatly influenced by the family and the environment. It is important to make full use of the opportunities offered by cooperation with parents. The events of these days have adjusted the delivery schedule of the activities. The talk revolved around how to introduce children to the current issues, how to eliminate anxiety and fears. The studio of the children and youth theater of Raguva Culture center “Šypsena” (director Ina Kuodiene) presented the performance according to the Lithuanian folk tale “Kursiukas”. Listeners discussed how to rediscover human rights, how to present them, how to talk about them in today’s situation with children. One way of speaking is to use fairy tales and their characters.
In the second part of the meeting, Irena Kondzezauskiene, a faculty listener, explained how to make dolls of wool and use fairy tale characters to make children talk and be understood.

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