Rights project is enhancing senior’s skills, taking their long experience and knowledge in different fields as a treasure.

During last months, a group of students participated in a workshop related to the professional field of “wood, furniture and cork”. This workshop is part of those offered by the adult’s centre CEPA “Faustina Álvarez García” located in the city of León (Spain). As part as their training, students and seniors developed a creative project. It consisted on the design and construction of a suitcase that can be transformed into a portable puppet stage.

They felt inspired by the Kamashibai. Kamashibai is the traditional method of storytelling in Japan. It has its origin in Buddhist temples in the 12th century.

Starting from that idea, they designed and built a suitcase that can be transformed into a stage for puppets. Inside the suitcase there is also space for carrying puppets and the tales.

Seniors and teachers were also aware of the importance of using sustainable materials. Thus, these suitcases use pine and beech woods. Both kind of woods belong to a very common native trees of the region. Using them ensures materials come from sustainably local forests.

Plans of the suitcase-stage are, by now, available in Spanish language including graphics and measures used: Blueprints suitacase-stage for puppets_ES

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