The Education Centre together with the Raguva Cultural Centre continues the project „RIGHTS. Active citizenship and the role of the elderly in society“. While unique suitcases to travel with dolls around Lithuania are being made, actors of the Raguva Culture Centre children‘s and youth theatre studio „Šypsena“ cooperate with the seniors of University of he Third Age. Project senior volunteer Irena Sabaliauskienė consistently presented the goals and activities of the project, invited to discuss children‘s rights. While discussing, the young actors of the theatre studio proved that they know and understand their rights, they emphasized that the perception of rights is very important in the lifeof every person.

Specific rights will be discussed by analyzing the fairy tales ,,Kuršiukas“, „Pinocchio“, „Don Quixote“ delving into characters‘ characters and creating a performance. Currently, more attention is paid to the fairy tale „Kuršiukas“. The youth was interested in getting aquainted with the script of the performance and learning how to manage dolls. Jurgita Vaitiekūnienė, the coordinator of the project „Rights“, is glad that Ina Kuodienė, the head of the theatre studio „Šypsena“, has ingeniously integrated into the project activities by leading the team and University of he Third Age seniors Irena and Valentina draw on their experience and apply innovative pedagogical methods to help young people understand the importance of human rights.

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